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Club Glove

Quality, Function and Durability

At Club Glove®, we build our travel luggage, golf bags, golf towels and golf accessories with 3 things in mind: quality, function and durability. Durability doesn't mean having to weigh more. We've engineered all our products to be the strongest and lightest available and are the highest price-to-value quotient in the world! Our entire line of travel luggage features our unique, patent-pending Train Reaction™ System that allows for an array of luggage pieces to be effortlessly and quickly joined together for ease of transport with just one hand. All of our products are thoroughly course tested before they are made available for sale. Compare for yourself our uncompromising quality and warranty information and what the pros have to say about Club Glove® products. We know that it is impossible to find a better built, more functional line of travel luggage, golf bags and accessories at any price and once you use our products, you will agree too.

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