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Masterfully Weighted Design

The genesis of the Heavy Putter dates back to 1994. It was then that Stephen Boccieri started the wheels turning on the engineering concepts and product development processes that led to the birth of the Heavy Putter in 2003. After exhaustive studies evaluating equipment from all the major manufacturers, he was puzzled and surprised at the inconsistencies that existed across the board. Admittedly, the task was somewhat self-serving as Steve, a one handicap, was looking for answers to improve his own game.

Steve's design background led him to focus on solid engineering principles, and apply them to the construction of a golf club. Having the eye of a good player, he also understood the importance of maintaining a pleasing but efficient design. His early attention was focused on the dynamic effects of shafts; realizing that various bending characteristics could alter the consistency of a players swing. This study led to a complete database of all the shaft profiles in the market place. With this data, Steve was able to apply the analytical analysis of the performance of each shaft to determine the most consistent club for the player.

Establishing consistency in the swing got Boccieri to start focusing on putting. He realized the shaft performance was not going to be a critical factor in a good putter design. It was easy to design a putter head with a high moment of inertia; the trick was how the design was going to make the player more consistent. Once he found the right profile of a shaft for a player's driver, he improved consistency... now he was on a mission to figure out how to engage the larger, more stable upper body muscles toimprove the putting stroke.

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