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Ping 2016 G Fairway Wood with Tour Shaftping-2016-g-fairway-wood-with-tour-shaft
Ping 2016 G Straight-Flight Fairway Woodping-2016-g-straight-flight-fairway-wood
Ping 2016 G Straight-Flight Fairway Wood with Tour Shaftping-2016-g-straight-flight-fairway-wood-with-tour-shaft
Ping 2016 G Stretch Fairway Woodping-2016-g-stretch-fairway-wood
Ping 2016 G Stretch Fairway Wood with Tour Shaftping-2016-g-stretch-fairway-wood-with-tour-shaft
PING 4 Series Carry/Stand Bagping-4-series-carrystand-bag
PING Backpackping-backpack
PING Cart Mittensping-cart-mittens
PING DLX Series 2017 Cart Bagping-dlx-series-2017-cart-bag
PING G Driverping-g-driverPING G Driver - Tour Shaft

Inspired by an approach called biomimicry, PING engineers analyzed the dragonfly’s intricate wing pattern to design ultra-thin crown sections for extreme CG and maximized MOI. Dragonfly Technology, Vortec Technology, turbulators and a strong T9S face created our longest, most forgiving driver ever. Available in three models to fit your preferred trajectory.

The Tour 65 shaft is available at an upcharge - default standard length is 45.25"
Tour 80 shaft is available at an up-charge, and is tip-trimmed 1" when installed in any driver - the default standard length is 45.25"
Weight is at cut length for standard length driver
PING G Driver - Tour Shaftping-g-driver-tour-shaft
PING G Fairway Woodping-g-fairway-wood
PING G LS Tec Driverping-g-ls-tec-driver
PING G LS Tec Driver – Tour Shaftping-g-ls-tec-driver-tour-shaft
PING G SF Tec Driverping-g-sf-tec-driver
PING G SF Tec Driver - Tour Shaftping-g-sf-tec-driver-tour-shaft
PING G30 Driverping-g30-driver
PING G30 Hybridsping-g30-hybrids
PING G30 LS Tec Driverping-g30-ls-tec-driver
PING G30 SF Tec Driverping-g30-sf-tec-driver
PING Golf Limited Edition Bubba Watson G30 Retro Visorping-golf-limited-edition-bubba-watson-g30-retro-visor
PING Hoofer 14 Mens 2016 Stand Bagsping-hoofer-14-mens-2016-stand-bags
PING Hoofer 14 Series Carry/Stand Bagping-hoofer-14-series-carrystand-bag
PING Hoofer 154 Limited Edition Digital Camo Golf Stand Bag ping-hoofer-154-limited-edition-digital-camo-golf-stand-bag
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